In addition to the tangible value coaching offers plus what’s included in my coaching packages, you are working with a professional, graduate level coach. I hold a high value in integrity and adhere to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics. Please review About Adonica Sweet for more details about my credentials, background and experience.

Individual Coaching Packages

There are a multitude of reasons individuals come to coaching. I am able to coach on virtually everything however, I primarily focus on:

  • Confidence – if you are looking to build confidence in any area of your life, let’s get started!
  • Change and Transition – we are faced with change daily. Sometimes a change or many changes all at once can bump us out of our natural flow. If you are facing change or want to make a change in your life, let’s get started!
  • Career – if you are not sure which path to get on next, let’s get started!
  • Conflict – if you are in a dispute or simply want to learn how to handle conflict more effectively, let’s get started!

All Individual Coaching Packages include the following:

  • A signed agreement outlining our commitment to our coaching engagement.
  • Sessions are designed for you to have your “a-ha” moment(s) in typically about half hour to an hour. I allow flexibility in the length of sessions as they can go longer (the odd time shorter). I encourage you to give yourself more than an hour of time so you can record your thoughts and actions after our session.
  • Tips, websites, worksheets, etc sometimes sent during the week that you are free to review at your leisure. These are meant to supplement your growth, they are not required activities unless you have agreed to them during your session.
  • Sessions are via phone or Skype. I phone you unless prior arranged.
  • Unlimited email access between sessions in case you want to connect to share a win or a challenge. I will usually respond within 48 hours.
  • Unscheduled (or last minute scheduled) phone calls or mini sessions in between regular sessions when needed (within reason).
  • Offer of an alternate time for our session when unable to make a session due to unforeseen circumstances. Last minute cancellations or no shows will not be refunded.
  • When a scheduled session falls on a vacation day or other commitment, we will work toward scheduling another time that works for both of us.

Monthly payments accepted. Each month is paid prior to coaching starting for that month. 10% discount for paying whole contract up front. Payment methods accepted: E-transfer and PayPal (where you can pay by credit card). If in person: cash, e-transfer or credit card are accepted.

Monthly Packages

Spark Package – Self Coaching with Sessions and Support – $300/Month

Are you self-motivated and simply need a little spark once in a while? We meet monthly to ensure you are on track with your goals. Complete customized weekly thought provoking questions and/or tasks to suit your individual progress. These are based on your progress in the previous week. If you miss sending me an update, you miss out on that week’s questions/tasks.

Momentum Package – Ongoing Biweekly Sessions – $450/Month

This is the most popular for those who want some time to process the information between sessions while keeping the momentum going. A minimum 6 month commitment is recommended.

Catalyst Package – Ongoing Weekly Sessions – $800/Month

This is ideal for those who are “amped up” and ready to get on with it! Weekly sessions keep you on your toes progressing quickly towards your goals – a great catalyst for change. A minimum 3 month commitment is recommended.

Packages for Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching Specific Situation – $1750 Package of 6-12 Sessions

This is ideal for those who are actively in (or just had) a disagreement. The conflict coaching process involves seven steps from which you leave with a plan of action on how you are going to deal with a specific situation. This will set you up for dealing with future conflict more effectively. There are typically 6-12 sessions and the fee does not change based on the number of sessions. The frequency of the sessions would be determined based on your specific situation and discussed at your first session. My commitment to you is that we will work through all seven steps unless you stop the process.

Conflict Coaching Assessments & Strategies – $1200 Package of 6-7 Sessions

This is ideal for those who want to learn more about their primary way of handling conflict and how to leverage other ways to handle conflict in an effective way. This set of sessions will take you through a variety of assessments looking at how you approach conflict, your conflict intelligence and how resilient you are in conflict. You leave with an idea of how you want to incorporate different approaches to conflict in the future. There are typically 6-7 sessions in this package.

Conflict Coaching Combo – $2500 Package of 12-18 Sessions

Do it all and save. This is ideal for those who have a specific situation and want to learn more about their approach to conflict using assessments. This is a combination of the two other conflict coaching packages. Be a master at solving your personal conflict.


Up Front Discount – 10% off

10% off if you choose to pay up front for the duration of your coaching agreement. Save yourself a bit of money and time by paying one time instead of monthly.

Double Coaching – 25% off – for 2 people being coached in one sitting

25% off when 2 people sign up together. In these coaching agreements, I coach the first person while the second listens, then I coach the second person. This is a great way to support each other and hold each other accountable. Ideal for business partners, couples, friends or parent/child.

Group Discounts for Individual Coaching – 20% off

20% off when over five individuals sign up at the same time. These individuals are coached separately within the same time frame. This is ideal for organizations with several employees who would benefit from individual, private coaching. Great for a group of friends too. See group & team coaching if all the individuals want to be coached in a group.

Coaches-in-Training, Unemployed & Not-for-Profit

Please connect with me directly to discuss a discount.

*Discounts not combinable.

GST is not included.