July 7, 2013 – Ask for What You Need

Welcome to Sundial Coaching’s first blog.

I needed a website… Since this is a new business, I am on a showstring budget. I contacted a few resources in order to have my website done for me and I received quotes out of my budget range and timeframes that did not suit my needs. Then a couple of coach colleagues of mine informed me about WordPress and how easy they find it to create their own website and blog. A quick “How to…” search on Google and this is what I created. This is a basic website and I will update it when I feel it is appropriate. I am not a webpage designer, nor will I ever claim to be. I coach people, that’s what I do. Creating my first WordPress website has been a fun project so far. I have a long way to go before it is complete. I have my colleagues Natasha and Jessica to thank for their insight and encouragement. I hope you enjoy my website and all I have to offer.

I invite you to share a story of when you started something new.