Sundial Coaching & Logo

Sundial Coaching
I wanted my business name to convey growth and transition through time yet have a symbol or meaning in it’s words. Sundial Coaching is a name that inspired me one day after spending four months thinking about what name would be the best for my business. It was actually kind of funny because I never rushed to see if the name was available as a domain (, somehow I just knew it was the right name.

The term “sundial” has slight variations in meaning to different people. Mostly it is a way to use natural light to track time and therefore can be used as a compass. Coaching is about finding our own way through our issues using what we naturally have. Most of the time, it takes effort for us to discover our authentic self and stay true to our own path. As time passes, we can be pushed/pulled off our path. When we are given light to uncover our shadows (blindspots), we have the option to grow and transform into our original self and the path we want to live on.

Time to discover the brilliance in your shadow
The tagline means to take the time to find out more about undiscovered areas of your life or your organization. You will probably find something that will light the way on a new path.

About the logo design:

Silhouette: Change begins with a single person. Whether the change is for that individual, for an organization or for the world. That person is a leader in their own way and embraces all they have to offer. That is why the silhouette is not gender specific and is in a power pose. Tip for everyone that I hope this silhouette will remind you to do:  Take a few seconds before every important meeting or event in your life to position yourself in a power pose and think about a time when you were happy (it does not need to be work related even if you are heading into a business changing meeting).

Shadow: The shadow side represents two things, 1. Characteristics we do not like and want to change, and 2. Characteristics that are still unknown. This is where the brilliance comes in, what you discover can be the trigger for a bright new path. Becoming aware of all the details of what we want to change allows us to more readily make the change and be more effective. Tip 1: When looking at something you want to change, ask yourself: What purpose is the behaviour or process serving? How is it meeting my needs and the needs of others? What is important about changing this? What do I want to achieve by changing it?  Tip 2: Seek out undiscovered characteristics. This could mean finding out your employees’ strengths and using them to the organization’s advantage – and the employee will probably enjoy their work more too.

Shadow over the roman numeral V: This represents work/life balance. 5 O’Clock in the afternoon symbolizes the end of the work day. Even if your work day is not 9-5, know the importance of taking your time off work. Tip: Honour your company’s time while at work and honour your personal time. Both are equally important.

Rainbow colours: Life is full of colour, some colours we like and some we don’t. Colours represent characteristics and events in our lives. Tip: Let the rainbow remind you that each colour is necessary to provide a rich life and each brings us information from which we can celebrate, grow and learn.

Sundial: Time and direction are represented by the sundial. Tip: Solidify your mission, have a clear direction on where you want to head. Set clear goals with timelines and milestones. Know how you are going to celebrate at each success.

Sun: Many individuals and organizations do not take the time necessary to celebrate. The sun represents accomplishments and it doesn’t matter how small these accomplishments may seem. You know what I mean if you watch the effect just one sunray has on an icicle. Tip: Identify what you need to celebrate, put in time and effort to figure out how you will celebrate and take the time to celebrate!