Organization Coaching

Individual & Team Coaching

Individual and Team Coaching offers the opportunity to transform your life and organization.

All Individual Coaching Packages include:

  • A complimentary coaching session approximately 20mins to evaluate if my coaching style is a fit for you.
  • Confidential sessions.
  • A signed agreement outlining our commitment to our coaching engagement.
  • Sessions are designed for you to have your “a-ha” moment in typically about half hour. I allow flexibility in the length of sessions as often they do go longer (the odd time shorter).
  • You choose your commitment timeframe of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or a year.
  • You choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly calls. I often recommend weekly as you will get into a groove with the work you are doing and this allows for the most transformation.
  • A summary email of our session, usually within 24-48 hours. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on our session, then you will have the opportunity to reflect on it again once you receive the email.
  • Tips, websites, worksheets, etc sometimes sent during the week that you are free to review at your leisure. These are meant to supplement your growth, they are not required activities.
  • Sessions are via phone or Skype (whenever possible, video optional). I phone you unless prior arranged.
  • Unlimited email access between sessions in case you want to connect to share a win or a challenge. I will usually respond within 24 hours.
  • Unscheduled (or last minute scheduled) phone calls or mini sessions in between regular sessions when needed (within reason).
  • Offer of an alternate time for our session when unable to make a session due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • When a scheduled session falls on a vacation day or other commitment, we will work toward scheduling another time that works for both of us.

Team Coaching includes all of the above except in a team format.

Fees:  As a Certified Executive Coach, my fee is $100/session.

Double Coaching
25% off when 2 people sign up together. In these coaching agreements, I coach the first person while the second listens, then I coach the second person. This is a great way to support each other and hold each other accountable. Ideal for business partners or colleagues.

Up Front Discount
10% off if you choose to pay up front for the duration of your coaching agreement. Save yourself a bit of money and time by paying one time instead of monthly.

Group Discount
10% off when over five individuals sign up at the same time. These individuals are coached separately within the same timeframe. This is ideal for organizations with several employees who would benefit from individual, private coaching.

Monthly payments accepted. Each month is paid prior to coaching starting for that month. Payment methods accepted: cash, cheque, email money transfer, PayPal (where you can pay by credit card).


Everything from Lunch n Learns to 2 day workshops customized to your needs. These are in a variety of topics.

Please note: Many of these are still under development so if you hire me for these, I will need lead time to complete writing the workshop and customize it to your needs. You really are getting a service here – a brand new workshop created for you. AND discounts available because you are receiving the pilot version.

What workshop participants have said about Adonica’s facilitation / training:

These are taken from evaluations with a two year time period where I facilitated approximately 60 – 1/2 to 3 day workshops with up to 12 participants each, achieving a 91% satisfaction rate. Sample comments:

  • “Understanding and concern was wonderful”
  • “Very capable at importing knowledge to clients, all at different needs levels”
  • “High energy, humorous, great to laugh”
  • “Well presented”
  • “Knowledgeable, Friendly, Patient”

Fees: Variable, many Lunch n Learns are free depending on if a part of another package.

Learning Integration

How many of you have taken a course where you left feeling quite pumped and excited about being able to use it in your life and/or organization, only to find yourself two weeks later back into your regular patterns?

I certainly have. I have even looked back at my notes and said yes, I gotta do this and… as you can imagine, it never really happens. I often have a gem or 2 that I do actually integrate but most of the training has gone “down the drain” so to speak.

If you are holding a training session in your organization, this is a must have! This is a 6month program. I will meet with individuals weekly for the first six weeks, then taper down to biweekly for a couple months. Each individual will set specific goals and work to achieve them. You will see a difference in the training your organization invested in.

This is your opportunity to integrate your learning into your environment in just the way you want!

Fee: $1200.00

If there are over five employees who have taken the same program, the fee reduces to $1000/individual as some of the sessions can be in group format.

Interview Based 360 Degree Assessments

What is a 360 degree assessment?

A 360 degree assessment is feedback that comes from the individual’s reports, peers, and supervisor(s), and sometimes clients. I also have the individual complete a self-evaluation.

What is an interview based 360 degree assessment?

This is a 360 degree assessment where the individual selects the questions to be asked and the people to ask. I encourage the use of interview based 360 degree assessments as the individual is empowered in their growth. They control the questions and who is being asked these questions. Then they work with me as their coach to work through their new discoveries. I encourage it as an opportunity for development rather than appraisal or performance review.

How does it work?

  1. Employer selects the employee(s) or the individual(s) self identifies the desire for a 360 assessment.
  2. I meet with the employee to review what areas they would like to develop.
  3. The employee in consultation with supervisor (if applicable) and in the coaching process creates approximately five questions to ask.
  4. The employee in consultation with supervisor (if applicable) selects 5-12 individuals representative of a full circle around them, ie, supervisor(s), peer(s), report(s), client(s).
  5. I interview the individuals (including the employee) by asking each question and taking notes.
  6. I create a report which consists of the themes based on the results received (this is how I keep it completely confidential).
  7. I debrief the results with the employee and provide the report to them.
  8. I request they read the report at least 3 times before making any judgements on the results. I request this as we naturally have a tendency to hear only the negative feedback at first. In order to get the full picture, one must review it several times.
  9. The employee and I meet to discuss their development plan.
  10. Then one year of coaching follow up for development success.

Pros of the 360 Interview Process

  • Feedback is focused on specific areas that the employee has asked for feedback on. This may reduce the possibility of feedback overload or lack of sufficient effort to develop. As the old adage states, don’t ask for input on something you don’t intend to change.
  • As the interviewer, I hear the context for the feedback and will be able to provide perspective about specific feedback for the employee. I use my coaching skills to bring out what the individual is “really” saying.
  • Less use of internal resources as feedback is drawn from specific sources rather than a larger number of raters (maximum 12). Written 360’s can consume a significant amount of time to complete. For those who are asked by several different people to participate this can be daunting to say the least.

Cons of the 360 Interview Process

  • Time/cost. The time required from me as the coach is higher in this model therefore the cost reflects this. What you receive is action and development from those who participated.
  • Employees may avoid feedback sources or only consider topics they feel safe in inquiring about. This can present a skewed picture of their leadership. This is why I use the time in the beginning to coach the employee through the process to ensure they are getting the value they expect.

Fees: Varies based on the number of employees having the assessment done.