My Gifts to You (aka Free Stuff)

I’m like everyone else and enjoy receiving free stuff I find useful. Therefore, how could I not offer this to others?

For now, I offer these gifts to you:

  • Personal email response: If you email me a paragraph of an issue you are facing, I will personally read it, use my intuition and reply with a question for you to ponder in relation to your issue. I invite you to email me now with your paragraph, click here.
  • Complimentary Coaching Session: Your opportunity to be coached for free. You will experience my coaching style giving you the knowledge of whether or not you’d like to work with me in the future. Please note: there is no obligation and everyone who has had a complimentary coaching session from me has left with a takeaway from the session. Please sign up for your free coaching session, click here.

Over time, I will be adding the following as additional gifts for you if you are interested:

  • Newsletter
  • Photo with quote
  • Draws for free coaching, book or whatever I feel you may benefit from
  • Tools, assessments, etc.

DIY Resources – Coming Soon

I spent a number of years working on my own self development. Therefore, I offer a selection of resources for you to learn more about yourself.

Small Cost

The Coaching Tools Company has a variety of 1-4 page tools that I use in my coaching with individuals when appropriate. She has created some great resources. I encourage you to check them out and purchase the ones you feel you will benefit from.

It’s never too late to invest in yourself and / or your organization. I start wherever you are at. Contact me today.