Youth Coaching

Youth can most certainly benefit from coaching!

Why not get a head start on figuring out who you are authentically? This is your opportunity to discover more about your values and purpose in life. OK, does that sound airy fairy or what?

Honestly, if you coach with me, you’ll discover those things and don’t worry, I’ll make it fun! There will also be some challenging times, I may push your buttons in order to help you see your strengths and blind spots. You’ll find that you will become more confident in everything you do.

If you are a youth interested in coaching, find out more now, please contact me directly.

If you know a youth who could use some coaching and are willing to sponsor them, please contact me directly.

Adonica’s Youth Work Background

Ever since I was a youth myself, I wanted to help youth who were considered the “outcasts” and got into a lot of trouble. I hung out with different youth groups and learned various dynamics within the groupings.

As a young adult, I took my Social Work Diploma as the Child and Youth Care Diploma program did not exist like it does now. I worked in a variety of different group homes and then in a youth career and job search centre. It continues to be a passion of mine to work with youth so they become what they want instead of what their parent or society expects of them.