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Adonica Sweet PCC, CEC

Adonica Sweet
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Adonica Sweet PCC, CEC

Adonica Sweet is a Certified Executive Coach who wants to live in a world where everyone sees their own brilliance and is treasured for who they really are. She works with individuals to help them discover their brilliance and with organizations to help them recognize and master the use of their core assets: the brilliant people that bring their organization alive.

When Adonica started being coached years ago, she believed her life could change… what she didn’t know… was just how much. With the benefit of coaching, she has clearer direction, self-confidence, and knows herself better. She finds she is in less conflict with her values and is able to make decisions easier because she knows what she wants in life.

She is flexible enough to coach you through the wins so you can draw upon these and through the rough patches when you may be growing the most. She has the heart to accept you as you are and the backbone to empower you when you need it. Organizations see benefits in employees by having happier, more organized and productive employees.

Adonica’s personal mission is inspiring and empowering leaders to live their vision. Her coaching specialties include: change and transition (organizations, teams & individuals), confidence building, conflict management, and career/life.

Her Coaching Style:

She is an enthusiastic, dynamic leader with a passion for helping people move forward. Who better to tell you about her coaching style than the people she has coached? Here are quotes from others about her coaching:

  • “Calm, reflective style creates a safe environment to express emotions and own them.”
  • “An amazing ability to be sincerely absent of judgement, a true acceptance and inclusivity of others.”
  •  “Adonica is flexible and adapts to what I need. More often than not, our sessions have started with one objective or focus, which has led to the uncovering of a much bigger, more important issue. And we adapt/modify/evolve as needed.”
  • “Lighthearted tone in coaching presence, creating a respectful, supportive and trustworthy environment.”
  •  “Adonica is inquisitive but not pushy. She gets me to ask questions of myself, but doesn’t judge or tell me right/wrong; she asks me to explore and find my own answer.”
  •  “Discussions of underlying symptoms move to discussions of more fundamental issues and underlying problems instead. This extends not only to each session, but the broader approach to what we’re trying to achieve together. We started out with the objective of finding ways for me to stop procrastinating. That now seems like such a trivial issue compared to our discussion around finding and following my passion. When I do that, why would I ever procrastinate?”

Professional Background:

Adonica’s professional background spans over twenty years of progressively responsible experience in the Human Services field. She has worked with diverse populations including group home work for at-risk youth, career development with youth and adults, integration of persons with disabilities into university life, front-line worker for income assistance, individual and group training and facilitation (for a variety of positions and roles). She has worked in the public and private sectors in both BC and AB.

Adonica is a change champion. She has navigated and supported others through closure of two centres, complete revamps in service delivery, and incorporation of new provincial computer systems for use in multiple ministries both in BC and AB. Having been through several major transitions, she is able to assist staff to work through their resistance and see the potential in the changes.

Lifelong Learning:

  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC) – Royal Roads University, 2013
  • Certified CINERGY® Conflict Management Coach – CINERGY® Coaching, 2016
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – International Coach Federation (ICF), 2016
  • Group Coaching Essentials Certificate– Potentials Realized, 2014
  • Coaching Courses – Conflict, Relationships, Values, Time Management, Law of Attraction, Mindfulness
  • Front-Line Management Supervision Certificate
  • Human Resource Management Certificate
  • Social Work Diploma

Adonica has been an active member of the ICF-Okanagan Chapter since 2008 and was President for the 2014-2015 term.

Adonica stays current in the field of coaching by regularly attending seminars, reading and researching coaching topics. She continues to be coached on a regular basis to keep up her own personal development. She knows how much of an investment and commitment it takes to be coached – and knows how worthwhile it is.

Adonica believes:

  • everyone is brilliant and is capable of shining.
  • anything is possible.
  • change begins from the inside with one person at a time.
  • in order for change to happen, we must already accept what we are seeking to change.
  • in magic and miracles.
  • there are no serendipitous moments; messages are given to us so we can learn our purpose and live it as we are meant to.
  • we are given challenges we can handle and learn from to take the action toward changes we want to see.
  • love does have a place in business where love means accepting ourselves, everyone and everything with no conditions, no expectations, no obligations and no judgement.
  • in the gifts every moment provides.
  • a random act of kindness can alter the course of someone’s life… significantly.

A bit more…

Adonica is fortunate to live in Summerland, BC, with her wonderful husband, their dog and cat. She enjoys spending time on their property making it come alive with their hopes and dreams.

Adonica loves coaching, it inspires her when others have that a-ha moment. Please contact her via her contact page to arrange a meeting and complimentary coaching session to see if she is the right coach to empower you on your journey.

Being brilliant starts with seeing your brilliance!

Contact Adonica at 250-490-5590