Coaching Can Awaken the Walking Dead

You may have heard of the walking dead. No, I do not mean the current TV series. I mean the kind of person that doesn’t really live life. They are kind of a zombie, just going through the motions daily. Are you one? I wasn’t exactly a zombie but I was going through the motions, thinking I had direction but not really moving forward. OK, so maybe I was a bit of a zombie. Coaching took whatever zombie I had in me right out of the picture. Do you want to get rid of the zombie in you?

When I started being coached years ago, I believed my life could change. What I didn’t know, was just how much. With the benefits of coaching, I have clearer direction, self-confidence, and know myself better. I am in less conflict with my values and am able to make decisions easier because I know what I want in life. I can finally get off the fence and take a stance.

How many of you find yourself sitting on the fence when you are asked to make a decision? How many of you find that you are going through life feeling stuck in a rut?
Or worse, how many of you are feeling completely lost and are just going through the motions?

In the past, when someone asked me “what is coaching?” and I gave them my definition, they often walked away with more of a confused look on their face than when they came to me. Or they have the “that’s nice” kind of look on their face that they are politely trying to hide.

So here’s my definition: Coaching is a co-created trusting relationship where the skilled use of language and attentive listening help others create their personal, business or organizational vision, outline their action steps to making it happen and then support them as they take those steps. It includes encouragement, commitment, and a presence that facilitates reflection and forward movement. It is a catalyst for change and transformation.

STOP! Notice the look on your face. Which look is it?

Just had a little a-ha moment (these are huge in coaching): From now on, I am going to take a coach approach to that and ask, “What does it mean to you?” and build from there.

Defining coaching has been a challenge for many coaches including seasoned coaches. If you have not experienced coaching with a skilled coach, it will be virtually impossible to understand it.
• It’s kind of like counselling, but not.
• It’s kind of like mentoring, but not.
• It’s kind of like facilitating, but not.
• It’s kind of like consulting, but not.
• It’s not even a combination of all of them.

Coaching is for people who are seeking change in some element of their life (zombies included). What changes are you seeking? How are you living life to the fullest? What’s your next step to living the life of your dreams?

I request you give yourself the gift of coaching. Find a coach that is a fit for you; many coaches offer a complimentary coaching session to “try on” their style. Do you accept or decline this request? Maybe you’ll change it up and research more about coaching before you jump in with both feet?

Whatever you choose, know that I am here and ready to offer you a complimentary coaching session. Let me coach you through to living fully again. I have the heart to accept you as you are and the backbone to empower you when you need it. Email me at adonica at; phone or text me at 250-490-5590.